Monaco’s Multimedia Library

Monaco’s Multimedia Library is made of 5 different entities distributed over 2 locations (the Louis Notari library, the José Notari Sound Library, the Video Library, the Regional Collection and the Legal Deposit). It is one of the main features of Monaco’s everyday cultural life.

Notably, the Multimedia Library is the hub of numerous literary meets, conferences, exhibitions, concerts, film showings as well as writing and reading workshops…

The Louis Notari Library

The Louis Notari Library is home to 400,000 volumes covering both fiction and reference subjects that are particularly comprehensive in the fields of French literature, social studies, visual arts and music. These are part of rich and diversified collections representing the main fields of knowledge. The above collections may be consulted by all researchers.

 José Notari video and sound libraries

> Sound library

The José Notari Sound Library has been an institution of Monaco’s culture since 1989. It offers a collection of about 32,000 CDs of all music genres and also 500 audio books, 300 partitions and a selection of music magazines. Also, the Sound Library holds concerts with local performing artists on a regular basis.

> Video library

The Video Library offers its members an exceptional choice of 8,000 DVDs (fiction, documentaries, animated- films) covering the main cinema genres: film noir, westerns, war movies, thrillers, dramas and political movies.

Sound and Video library catalogues can be consulted on the premises. Works are directly accessible and inscription procedures for both libraries are the same. 

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