The Pavillon Bosio Visual Arts School of higher learning

Nestled in a prestigious location on Monaco’s Rock, the Pavillon Bosio Visual Arts School of higher learning of the City of Monaco (known as E.S.A.P.) is an institution of higher-level education and research offering training programs that lead to a diploma and hosting activities that seek to promote visual arts with the general public.

This school takes also an active part in promoting contemporary works and Monaco’s cultural vocation thanks also to the partnerships it has entered into with other institutions.

Higher Level learning

E.S.A.P. is authorised to deliver higher-level art diplomas as below following an Agreement signed June 11th, 2004 and amended November 9th, 2010 between the Governments of Monaco and France.

- The DNAP, is a National Diploma of Visual Arts (equivalent to a 3-year University degree)

- The DNSEP, Masters of Visual Arts (a 5-year University degree equivalent)

Pavillon Bosio public workshops

In an effort to raise public awareness about art, the Pavillon Bosio offers premises, guidance and technical workshops to those who would like to initiate themselves to art or increase the spontaneity of their artistic expression.

Courses are taught by qualified art teachers and the programs offered follow specific pedagogical project guidelines. Public workshop registration takes place through pre-registering at Pavillon Bosio.
All registrations will be confirmed by mail.

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