Environmental approach

In Monaco’s Exotic Garden

The respect of the environment is one of the Exotic Garden’s main concerns. As a user of numerous products, the Garden has introduced tangible measures to respect the environment.

The Exotic Garden started phytosanitary integrated pest control in 1998. This consists in the application of several methods to combat pest :

- A ban of a systematic and generalised use of chemical phytosanitary treatments.

- The adoption of biological auxiliaries.

- The introduction of new techniques to fight pests, mostly « mechanical » methods consisting of the use of water jet, for example.

- The evolution of cultivation habits making them less favourable to the spreading of pests.

- Where the use of chemicals is still necessary, they are chosen so as to have as little impact as possible on biological auxiliaries and are applied only sporadically both in time and areas.

Moreover, in 2005, the Exotic Garden has changed its way of using fertilizers with a much more accurate dosing.
Finally, since 2007, the use of herbicides has been almost nil as alleys and trails are flame-weeded by torch. Weeding of rocks and plants in pots has always been a manual operation.

In essence, there has been a major decrease of the use of pesticides and herbicides, an ever-increasing usage of biological auxiliaries and a better management of fertilizers.