Environmental approach

Les Jeudis Verts

The Municipality, together with the MC2D association (for sustainable development), has organised series of conferences/ debates around the main themes of sustainable development and of the environment, since June 2010.  These are called « Jeudis verts ».

One Thursday a month, the Municipality welcomes representatives of Monaco’s Institutions and associations, who have adopted an environmental approach, to present the steps taken by the Principality in favour of the environment.
Several issues have been covered since this project has been introduced :

- Mobility and public transport 
- Waste and selective pick-up 
- Urban pollution and nuisances
- Lesser polluting vehicles
- Responsible eco friendly purchases
- Efficient and renewable energy 
- Drinking and spring water
- Environmental Quality Standards of construction 
- On foot and on bike: alternative ways of getting about in Monaco 
- Waste and swimming waters 
- The young and the environment: from awareness to action 
- Natural and seismic hazards

Les "Jeudis Verts" events regularly take place away from Town Hall in order to best deal with « earthly » issues.

Therefore, participants have been able to subsequently visit sites such as the Exotic Garden tank, the Cave of Saint Martin’s Gardens, St Charles’ School as well as trying out electric bicycles and seeing the waste-water treatment facility.

These appointments are opportunities to introduce new projects that seek to improve both personal and public awareness of their subjects.