Environmental approach

Personnel awareness of an environmental approach

The control of our impact on the environment cannot go without the awareness of personnel and the involvement of providers in its preservation through the adoption of a responsible ecological behaviour. This approach includes several tangible measures :

- A selective collection of paper, printer cartridges and batteries at municipal facilities with the purpose of recycling them.

- Limiting the consumption of paper by decreasing its consumption by 5% per year and the use of recycled paper for about 30% of production.

- The reduction of the consumption of electricity during the end of year holidays and the increased use of solar energy (solar panels). As far as Christmas lighting is concerned, the Municipal Council has chosen to use LED-display illumination and micro-bulbs that reduce electricity consumption five-fold compared to standard lamp-bulbs.

- The progressive replacement of its fleet of automobiles with green vehicles, electric or hybrid.

- The Municipality is striving to introduce « green » specifications, when requesting bids from providers, with the intention of working with those who also pledge to preserve the environment through the use of eco-labelled materials for their services (water, electricity, gas, lumber, lighting, cleaning products, paints).

Finally, with regards to purchases, The Municipal Technical Department (a heavy consumer of disposable items) has produced a « guide for green purchases ». This is a collection setting rules for all purchases to comply with sustainable development guidelines.

Moreover, since 2009, the Municipal Technical Department avails itself of sustainable development software for its eco-friendly purchases.