Environmental approach

The environmental chart of Monaco’s Municipality

At the instigation of the Mayor and elected Municipal representatives, the Municipal Technical Department has implemented since 2009 an environmental chart establishing precise objectives for the respect of the environment.

- Quality certifications

The numerous steps taken by the various departments of Town Hall, towards the quality and the respect of the environment, have been officially recognised.

Indeed, the day-care centres of Social Services obtained ISO 9001 certification in 2008 when they became the first certified Monegasque public service.

- Certification consulting

The following year it was the Municipal Technical Department’s turn to receive both an ISO 9001 certification for its "management" qualities and an ISO 14001 certification in the "environment" category.

 ISO 9001 certification recognises the compliance with procedures set to optimise the carrying out of daily operations and the guarantee of a service level matching beneficiary expectations. In the case of the administration, the primary objective is to implement a standardised system to reduce intervention times.

ISO 9001 certification compels its beneficiary to define its quality indicators. This implies that end-of-year results must prove the effectiveness of its model.

 ISO 14001certification corresponds to a strong pledge of the Municipality and its partners as a whole to establish objectives for the reduction of consumption, notably that of energy. 

- The “renewable-energy” type contract

 In accordance with its policy to favour the use of clean energy, the Municipality has entered into a renewable energy type contract with SMEG (Monaco’s National Electric and Gas Company) thus obtaining a Renewable Energy Certificate.

This document certifies that 100% of energy used by all municipal facilities is obtained from renewable sources of energy, Marcillac’s hydroelectric dam in France’s Limousin region, in this case.

Well aware of environmental implications, the Municipality is proud to use green energy.