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City businesses

Businesses who wish to occupy a portion of public through-fare

All requests to occupy public through-fare for business purposes should be addressed to the Mayor and include the following information:

• the trading name and the name of the manager of the business,
• the exact address of the business,
• the description of the equipment intended to be placed on public land as well as the total surface requested for occupation.
• the site-plan and a map of the layout.

Permits to occupy a portion of the public through-fare are issued for a calendar year regardless of the actual time of occupation (Municipal bylaw n° 75-22).

Requests for signposting

Town Hall is the authority in charge of issuing permits for the display of signs such as those attached to buildings to facilitate the distinction of one establishment from another and that are visible from the road.

Applicants should address their request in French to Monsieur le Mairewith the following enclosed documents:
• A copy of the R.C.I. (Individual Bank Statement)
• Site-plan
• The text and the dimensions (height and length) of the signs
• Proof of authorization from the landowner or building manager

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