• Feast of Sainte Devote, Saint Patron of Monaco and of the Prince’s family : January 27th.

Sainte Devote is the Saint Patron of the Principality and of the Sovereign Family. It is celebrated solemnly every year on January 27th.

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• Monegasque Language Contest: May & June 

Ever since 1981, Monaco’s Municipality runs a yearly contest of Monaco’s language, culture and history with both written and oral exams.

• Saint John the Baptist’s Feast : June 24th

Perpetrating an ancient tradition celebrating the summer solstice, the Roman Catholic Church has consecrated June 24th as the day for the celebration of St. John the Baptist, one of the central characters of the Bible and Annunciator of the Coming of the Messiah. St. John’s Testimony emphasizes Light and the Holy Spirit.

• Saint Roman : August 9th

The Saint Roman Feast Committee is responsible to plan the celebrations that extend from the end of the month of July to the beginning of August, honouring the Saint, with the support of Monaco’s Town Hall. St. Roman is one of Monaco’s Saint Patrons. The high point of the celebrations takes place on August 9th, the actual Feast Day of St. Roman, around the Altar that is consecrated to the Saint in Monaco’s Cathedral.

• National Holiday : November 19th
The National Monegasque Feast Day was established by Prince Charles III in 1857 to coincide with the Sovereign Prince Patron Saint’s Day, thus constituting a moveable feast. Upon coming to the throne in 2005, Prince Albert decided to maintain the November 19th national holiday date, Saint Rainier’s Feast Day, in memory of his father.

• Sainte Cecilia: the Sunday following November 19th
Saint Cecilia is the Saint Patron of musicians. Her Feast is celebrated on the Sunday following Monaco’s National Holiday. A parade takes place in town preceded by a Holy Mass at the Cathedral. Every official music group in Monaco takes part to the Feast.

• Saint Nicholas : December 6th
The Feast of Saint Nicholas is commemorated on December, 6th. Sailors used to appeal the Saint for protection and a church was dedicated to Saint Nicholas on Monaco’s Rock as early as the 13th Century, on the spot where the Cathedral stands today

• U Pan de Natale (Monaco’s Traditional Christmas Bread): December 24th
The Committee for the preservation of Monaco’s Traditions requests all bakers, whose bread is baked in the Principality, to sell « U Pan de Natale », Monaco’s Traditional Christmas Bread, on the days before Christmas, in accordance with recipe and presentation instructions left to us by Lazare Sauvaigo, late Monegasque poet, historian, public-speaker and former vice-president of the above Committee.