Home support

  • Remote alarm

This warning system was introduced by City Hall in 1986 and is run by Social Services with the assistance of Monaco’s Fire Department. It is a device allowing less than autonomous individuals, whether elderly or sick, to live at home while staying connected to a phone alarm system 24 hours a day.  The system has been entirely upgraded and modernised in 2010 and can be equipped with a number of different sensors (for falls, fire, gas and carbon monoxide leaks…) depending on the level of autonomy of the individual and the layout of his or her home.
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  • Home caretaking

This service allows elderly people to continue living at home thanks to the assistance provided by a caretaker who will assist him/her with daily acts. Requests for caretaking are gathered and processed by the Gerontology Coordination Centre prior to transmission to Monaco’s City Hall.
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  • City Hall provides a “meals on wheels” food delivery service.

It is managed by social services and is destined to the elderly and those individuals who are permanently or temporarily disabled. The “meal on wheels » service is provided year round and on a 7 days a week basis. A dietician ensures meals are healthy, balanced and tailored to each individual’s needs.
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  • Home helpers

This is staff whose responsibility is to assist the elderly and those individuals who are permanently or temporarily disabled and can no longer carry out home chores (cleaning, ironing, groceries, running errands…)
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